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Classy Cabins AZ Expands Northern Arizona Luxury Vacation Rental Properties

Announces completion of fifth luxury property, The Owl’s Nest


Phoenix, AZ: Classy Cabins AZ, foremost developer of purpose built, luxury Vacation Rental Properties in Northern Arizona announced today its fifth project will be completed mid-June, and available in July, called The Owl’s Nest.


Classy Cabins AZ’s four existing properties get top ratings and reviews from the traveling public.  The latest project, The Owl’s Nest, is best described as an Executive Retreat.  Steve Sorenson, vice president, noted, “We have focused on family friendly properties so far, and The Owl’s Nest is that, but the level of design and furnishing places it squarely in the Luxury Executive tier of vacation rental properties.”  The company has been developing properties for over a decade.  As this project ends, the next two are already on the drawing board.  According to Amy Sorenson, President, “We are always on the lookout for the next plot of land – we always want to be ready for the next project.”


Classy Cabins AZ has a mission to provide the best vacation accommodations in Northern Arizona, and to share the beauty of the area with travelers from around the world.  The company gets a significant fraction of its business from foreign travelers, and travelers from all over the USA.  Proximity to several great attractions makes its accommodations a popular place to stay.


  • Halfway between the Grand Canyon and Sedona
  • Just minutes from Flagstaff, and from Williams, the old Route 66 town called “The Gateway to the Grand Canyon.”
  • Located in Tall Pines at 7000’ of elevation, the properties are a relaxing destination of their own.


About Classy Cabins AZ: Classy Cabins AZ acquires property, then custom designs, builds, and decorates its own properties.  By also operating and managing the properties in-house, Classy  Cabins AZ, can ensure the quality of experience for each of their guests. Visit on the web: