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Flagstaff AZ Breweries: Finding The Top Brews From Local Bars

Flagstaff AZ Breweries – Flagstaff, Arizona is an amazing place to visit – our guest come back year after year to enjoy this amazing city just minutes from our cabins in Williams. A lot of residents in the Valley enjoy the northern drive so they can get a good look at the snow. The shops are quaint, the vacation rentals are sensational, and the city is a lot of fun. Although people come for all of these reasons, the main draw is the craft brewing scene. Once you set foot in downtown Flagstaff you will see breweries everywhere. The beer is actually made right in Flagstaff, and there is no better way to spend an afternoon than strolling from brewery to brewery. Once you have tasted one of these delightful brews, you will simply have to taste them all. Everyone has a favorite, although just as you are certain you have had the best brew of you life, something even more appealing always seems to come along. Below is a list of the local breweries, their locations, the brews they are best known for, and any pertinent information.

Blackbird Porter

The Flagstaff Brewery can be found at 16 Historic Route 66. This is a relaxing and casual pub where the clients are a mixture of vacationers, locals, the old and the young. They have become famous for their Blackbird Porter, and the taste of chocolate in the brew is perfect with the firm hops. This is definitely one of the best craft beers in Flagstaff, and there is usually a story to be enjoyed along with the beer.

3rd Anniversary Ale

No trip to Flagstaff is complete without stopping at Mother Road Brewery. The brewery is located at 7 S. Mike’s Pike Street. This is a relaxing destination, and no stranger to the locals. The most complex beer served is the 3rd Anniversary Ale, and the flavors of vanilla and bourbon combine with a traditional stout base for a flavor that dances on the tongue. This is a sipping beer with a high content of alcohol, so pull up a stool, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere.

Tower Station IPA

Another excellent choice Mother Road Brewery is the Tower Station IPA. The aromas of this sensational hop come from flavors including pine, mango and grapefruit. The finish is both clean and crisp, and extremely enjoyable.


Mother Road Brewery also offers Groveside. The clean taste flavored with natural oranges makes this the right beer to enjoy while relaxing with friends. There is even a cask-conditioned version available, and the aroma of cantaloupe will have you coming back for more.

The Flagstaff IPA, Knotty Pine Pale Ale and Humphrey’s Hefeweizen Trio

The Lumberyard Brewery should not be missed, and is easily found at 5 S. San Francisco Street. As soon as you approach this red brick building you will feel a sense of comfort. This is an old building with marvelous renovations, and the brewery is located behind glass. You can sit and enjoy your beer while enjoying all the action taking place in the brewery. This is one of Flagstaff’s hotspots, and where the locals want to be. Three of their top crafted beers are the Flagstaff IPA, the Knotty Pine Pale Ale and Humphrey’s Hefeweizen. These craft beers are all extremely impressive and highly recommended. To make certain vacationers do not miss out on the entire experience, the Lumberyard Brewery offers a sampler platter. This platter was designed to provide what has become known as the Lumberyard experience.

The R&R Stout

Another hotspot in Flagstaff is the Beaver Street Brewery located at 11 S. Beaver Street. This was the original brewery for the founders of the Lumberyard, and the extensive menu features many of the Lumberyard beers. Although most of the craft beers available here can be found at the Lumberyard, there is one incredible exception. The R&R Stout is unique to the Beaver Street Brewery and offers roasted molasses characteristics combined with chocolate in malt presentation. This is one of the best craft beers in Flagstaff, and nearly everyone comes back for more.

Piehole Porter

The Historic Brewing’s Barrel & Bottle House should be one of the destinations on your vacation at 110 S. San Francisco Street. According to Historic, not only is great beer crafted here, but awesomeness is crafted as well. This mantra made certain every brewing tour in Flagstaff would make a stop here. The best of the best is the Piehole Porter. This porter has a very similar taste to a cherry cordial. The entire state of Arizona has talked about this beer, and it is considered to be one of the best offerings in Flagstaff.

Beaches and Ho Ho Holiday Ale

The Historic Brewing’s Barrel & Bottle House also offers a second sensational taste called Beaches and Ho Ho Holiday Ale. This beer is only offered seasonally, and a lot of people travel to Flagstaff for just this beer. It is reminiscent of a freshly cut Christmas tree, and the spruce aroma and spices are absolutely tantalizing. The spices deliver quite the punch because this beer is 7.7 percent ABV.

Hot Chocolate Serrano Stout

While enjoying Flagstaff, make certain to visit Dark Sky Brewing located at 117 N. Beaver Street. This is one of the newer options in the brewing scene in Flagstaff. This brewery is based on true creativity, and there is practically nothing they will not try. Their approach is unique, and they produce 100 different types of beer every year. The opinions of the public determine which craft beers will become permanent additions. The Hot Chocolate Serrano Stout reached new heights due to the decadent chocolate flavors, light heat, peppery aroma and just a hint of roast. This is uniqueness at its very best.

Bloody Hell

Bloody Hell is another creation of Dark Sky Brewing. The taste of a bloody Mary has been achieved with a combination of Roma tomatoes and 6 percent ABV ale.

Marga Wheata Wheat Ale

The creativity of Dark Sky Brewing continues with an easy drinking beer called Marga Wheata Wheat Ale. The fresh lime, Himalayan Sea Salt and 4.3 percent ABV beer may make you think you are drinking a margarita.

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