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A Local’s Guide

Things To Do In Williams, AZ

Williams, Arizona is a unique city that has a lot of character and places to visit! Known as the “Gateway to the Grand Canyon”, Williams lies on the iconic Route 66 and serves as a key intersection between culture, nature, and a rich history. Classy Cabins AZ is proud to offer several cabins for rent in Williams!

Between the thriving arts scene, local businesses, and the historic culture ingrained in the community, it can feel overwhelming to decide what exactly to do, whether you’re a tourist in town for just a few days or a local with a lazy weekend to look forward to.

To help out, here is a list of 10 things to do in Williams, Arizona that you don’t want to miss:

The World Famous Sultana Bar

Williams is known for a modest but vibrant community of musicians ingrained in the city’s historical architecture and personality. The Sultana Bar is no exception to this, providing great bartenders in a distinctly old-fashioned atmosphere. There is also a large variety of performances that occur at the Sultana Bar, ranging from local acts to touring bands that are frequently passing through. Recognizable by its iconic neon cocktail sign, the Sultana Bar draws people from all walks of life to congregate in a relaxed, easy-going atmosphere. An essential if you have yet to experience a lively, traditional American experience.

Elephant Rocks Golf Course

If you’re in need for a break from the heat but would still like to stay physically active, the Elephant Rocks Golf Course provides the ideal pause from an engaging afternoon. With a distinct, cooling atmosphere provided by the shadow of Bill Williams Mountain, Elephant Rocks boasts an 18 hole championship course that will challenge and engage golfers of all levels of experience. There is also a historic precedent, with Elephant Rocks having a tradition of golfing stretching back to the 1920s. Though it was expanded in 1990 from a private to a public course, the atmosphere of a closely-knit community still remains. All are welcome! They also do wedding and hosted events if you’re in town for long enough and are interested in a space.

Need something to excite the kids just as easily as the adults? The Grand Canyon Go-Karts course provides a half mile of twists and turns sure to provide excitement for all ages. With fresh refreshments also available at the course, it’s possible to spend an entire afternoon here, whether you want to race your friends and family or just see how quick you can get around the course.

SteamPunk Ghost Tours

This one may not be for the light-hearted ones in your party, but for those looking for a haunting experience, the SteamPunk Ghost Tours is a great fit. Featured on various national TV programs on the most popular paranormal experiences in the country, they provide a variety of services. Their Ghost Hunting experiences, though, stand out as the must-do. Lead by the psychic medium Dusty Rose, these walking tours bring you around the most haunted spots in Williams to show you ghosts where you never expected, using scientific data and equipment that is readily available. Just be prepared to walk a lot in the process and bring cameras (and batteries) for when you come in contact with something paranormal!

Pete’s Route 66 Gas Station Museum

Don’t think a museum on gas stations could be interesting? Then you’ve never been to Pete’s; though gas stations may seem banal and unnecessary to analyze sincerely, the ordinary experiences of filling up a tank have long been a very important aspect of any road trip along the historic Route 66. Pete’s Route 66 Gas Station Museum captures this phenomenon well, allowing visitors to see many old cars, oil cans, fuel cans, and advertising materials from automobile companies. At the heart of the “American Dream” is an enthusiasm for road trips, and this museum lets you confront that head-on.

The Canyon Club

Follow up your visit to Pete’s Route 66 Gas Station Museum with a visit to the Canyon Club, a staple of Williams nighttime. Engage with the lively bartenders, unwind, and experience fun karaoke with a bar that almost always has people inside looking for the next big thing to do. There’s also a diverse range of food if you want to find a quick bite to eat!

Kaibab National Forest

A key aspect of Williams, Arizona is the robust wildlife that it is surrounded by. An important part of this is the Kaibab National Forest—here you can go hiking, take in the nature, or set up camp if you want to experience some outdoor living! The Kaibab National Forest is one of America’s most beautiful national parks and has an extensive history: having been withdrawn from the public domain in 1893 and included as part of the Grand Canyon Forest Reserve, the forest contains 1,600,000 acres of natural beauty for anyone to engage with. Though it’s easy to recommend places such as the calm De Motte Campground and the Aspen trees in the North Kaibab Ranger District, this is a terrain that must be explored to be believed. So, plan a day, take along some food, water, and a curious mind, and let yourself follow the beauty around.

Big Toy Playground

Have a kid who is an aspiring construction worker or engineer? Want to bring them somewhere that will allow them to combine their fascination with machinery in a safe, fun environment? This may be an unusual pick for a family vacation, but it’s essential and there’s nothing else really like it. Even if you don’t have kids but are interested yourself, it’s sure to be a good time! With 90 minute sessions available that include 30 minutes of instruction followed by 60 minutes of controlling the equipment, this is something you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Control construction cranes and other machines at your own disposal.

Bearizona Wildlife Park

As previously mentioned, Williams has a distinct connection to the natural history of America’s land. Bearizona Wildlife Park is no exception to this and is an great daytime activity. Though Williams is a region that experiences all 4 seasons, any time you visit Bearizona you will come face to face with beauty. You can travel on foot or bring transportation to maneuver the park, with complementary cars provided to motorcyclists for easy travel. See many wild animals in the 20 acre walk-through Fort Bearizona area and grab a satisfying meal of Southwest themed cuisine at the Canyonlands Restaurant.

Marvelous Marv’s Grand Canyon Tour

In the event you want to begin and end your trip in Williams, Marvelous Marv’s Grand Canyon Tour allows you to experience the natural landmark through the eyes of a true local. With over 20 years of dedicated experience, Marv’s tours take you from Williams to the Grand Canyon and back over the course of a day, providing you helpful insight and history along the way.

While planning your next trip through Arizona, be sure to consider Williams as a key destination in your schedule. Packed with culture, history, and surrounded by nature, Williams is a great place to see the heart of Arizona!