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Winter weather isn’t slowing us down…

It’s officially Winter at Classy Cabins AZ.  The crews have been hard at it, by the time these are posted, all the siding will be on, and the drywall finished inside.

Now it gets more exciting, even as progress appears to slow.  That’s an illusion though. There’s a lot to do inside, and still quite a bit outside.

The rock hammering is mostly done, with a trench for power still to go.  The septic system and water cistern are being delivered to go in those holes.  And, the decking will finally go on, the doors installed.

Inside, there’s quite a bit of finish carpentry and paintwork, as well as electrical and plumbing fixtures. We’re starting to think about when the flooring can go in.

We’ll be done sometime in the spring!

Classy Cabins AZ

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