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Another Reason to visit the Williams AZ Area

In case you didn’t already have enough reasons  to visit the Williams, AZ area, and stay with Classy Cabins AZ, here is…Another Reason to visit the Williams AZ Area!

The USA Today website, does regular polling and asks it’s readers to vote for the 10 Best of something.  In Arizona, you already have things like the Grand Canyon and Meteor Crater ranking in those lists.  Now, 10Best is running a poll asking which are the best wildlife parks.

We have one of the contenders practically in our backyard, Bearizona.  Bearizona is Another Reason to visit the Williams AZ Area – and of course, the best place to stay is Classy Cabins AZ.  Bearizona is just 10 minutes from your Classy Cabin.  Located at the East end of Williams, and just off the exit on I-40, it’s a quick and easy day trip, with lots to do.  And if you spend part of your day there, you have the rest of the day to shop in downtown Williams, or pick up dinner before heading back.

Another Reason to visit the Williams AZ areaIf you are really a fan of bears, stay at our Bearly-A-Cabin, then visit Bearizona.  IMG_2485

We have been recommending Bearizona since it opened – and a large percentage of our guests visit the park.  You can see their comments in our guest books!  The park is both a drive-through experience, and a live exhibit experience.  And, while bears are the namesake attraction, they have a full complement of animals mostly native to Arizona and the Southwest.  There is also a live show featuring birds of prey.  It’s an awesome experience to learn about the different kinds of raptors they have, and thrilling to have them glide just inches over your head during the show.

Come stay with us, then go watch the bear cubs play and raptors soar at Bearizona.

Visit the link below to vote for the best wildlife park. Vote for Bearizona if you’ve been there, and if you haven’t, quick, come see it!

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