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Grand Canyon has cleaner air than other national parks

Did you need another reason to visit the Grand Canyon?  Are you a big national parks fan?  Well here you are. Grand Canyon has cleaner air than other national parks.  A study carried out by Iowa State and Cornell Universities found the Grand Canyon national park has the cleanest air of all the national parks.  Based on how often a national park has a day of unhealthy ozone levels, Grand Canyon came in with the cleanest air record.  Take a look here for the story. Of course, if you are going to visit the Grand Canyon, you need a place to stay.  What better for a family or friends vacation than a luxury cabin!

Classy Cabins AZ

Classy Cabins Arizona is dedicated to bringing you the finest luxury vacation rental property in the beautiful cool country of Northern Arizona. Stay at a Classy Cabin, and you’ll always want to come back.

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