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Good Weather Means Progress

Well, the weather at Classy Cabins AZ has been un-characteristically  mild this winter so far.  So far, so good!  It snowed the next day after these photos were taken, but not too much.  Not good for ski season, but good for construction in the winter.

Bearly-A-Cabin has been painted, the doors are on (and in), and the deck on both the back and front.  Next visible project is putting the stone on the chimney.

You can see our stone guy, Alfredo, and his crew, putting up the chicken wire prior to the scratch coat of mortar.  And you can see the chicken wire all done.  The stone is due to arrive late next week, so next time we post, you should be able to see how it looks.

The doors look great.  They’ll be stained a bit darker than the bare wood you see now, but the knotty wood is really nice to look at.

Finally, after the excavation mess to put in the electric conduit, we’ve gotten the new part of the driveway in.  This is the bottom layer of cinders that make up the driveway.  There’ll be plenty of room to turn around, and it’s going to be easy to plow when it snows.

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